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Vocabulary Games Website with vocabulary building games. Words are used in context. Website providing terms, grammar exercises, handouts, tips and rules, and presentations to use when teaching students grammar

Teaching Resources:
Powerpoint for understanding context clues.
Example sentences for using context clues.

Recommended Books:
Hacker, Diana - A Canadian Writer's Reference
Halverson, Jim - Spelling Works (Spelling Units - available as an e-book here)
Heidrich, Delana and Light, Chyrl - Grammar & Punctuation
Prust, Samantha - A Sentence a Day (Short proofreading exercises- available as an e-book here)
Truss, Lynne - Eats, Shoots & Leaves
Weaver, Constance - Teaching Grammar In Context
Weaver, Constance (editor) - Lessons To Share: On Teaching Grammar In Context