Note: A special thanks to Philip Sexsmith for the use of his resources.


Inspired by Sharon Creech's Love That Dog, students compose a poem that echoes Love That Boy.

In this activity, students construct a haiku poem from a song from the 70's (the sheet provides a list of the top ten songs from each year in the 70's). Next, students can go to to create a representation of their poem.

Selecting a significant person in Canadian history, students complete a Bio-Poem using set criteria.

Using the messages inside fortune cookies, students are asked to create a poem around the fortune.

Using a favourite poem, students write the lyrics (or an excerpt) and construct a representation of the poem onto a brown paper bag.

In this activity, students can take their own creative liberties by adding line breaks (indicated by a /) in order to see how phrasing impacts poetry. Students may take turns reading the poem aloud, making sure to pause in the places where a space has been made.

This project allows students to build a video/photo representation of a poem using photostory or movie maker software.


Teaching Resources:

A handout on the history and structure of the limerick form. Afterwards, there is an activity that enables students to write a limerick about a classmate.
Various approaches for teachers to refer to when introducing poetry to students.
This handout details poetic devices in a mind map format.
A quick lesson on how to teach students how to write a haiku.
A powerpoint presentation on poetry vocabulary/techniques.

Poems to Study:

Hall, James - Maybe Dats Youwr Pwoblem Too

Wallace, Ronald - "You Can't Write A Poem About McDonald's"


Student poetry videos

Recommended Books:

Creech, Sharon - Love That Dog

Creech, Sharon - Hate That Cat

Useful Websites: This website enables students to easily create a prezi; a zooming presentation tool that presents information in an interesting fashion. This website is a data base for tons of poetry, poets, pictures and videos.