Handouts for Students (and Teachers!):

A student resource packet that provides a list of synonyms for character traits, emotions/feelings, verbs, and adverbs that they can use to enhance their writing.

A list of descriptive adjectives broken down into specific categories.
A proofreading/editing checklist for students.

A handout that provides students with a list of words that help connect a writing piece together.

When correcting a writing piece, these standardized symbols can be used to indicate to the writer what they need to fix.


A step-by-step guide for teachers who want to implement the writing of the memoir genre into their ELA classroom; details how to work students through constructing writing territories on topics for writing. Refer to the PDF's posted below to accompany this guide.

An article written by Kirby & Kirby (2010) that highlights the reasons why memoir writing is ideal for teens of the 21st Century.

Category ideas to assist students in brainstorming writing territories.

A handout to assist students in brainstorming memoir topics.


Recommended Books:

Atwell, Nancie - In the Middle

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations A book of quote collections organized by authors and subjects. This is a great resource to assist students to illuminate their writing with quotations relevant to their writing.

The Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary A resource that provides series of rhyming words. This is helpful when writing rhyming poems, songs, jingles, raps, or greeting-card messages.